Steve King, is the webmaster of this site, along with other popular websites such as Missouri Scenic Rivers, Missouri Marketplace, Tossing Games,, and Lawn Dart Parts. He is the Missouri Stream Team organizer for the upper Current River in south central Missouri. He works as an NRRPT certified Health Physics Technician and lives in Jefferson County, Missouri (just south of St. Louis). He is married and has one son and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

      Holly Ziegelmeyer is an avid horse lover. She is the sister-in-law of Steve. She has owned horses for over 20 years and resides in Dent County, Missouri where she resides with her boyfriend and daughters. She has past experience with Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosa's. She has worked at boarding stables, as a trail guide and as a shipper of horses coast to coast. She enjoys training horses and has experience in breaking them, especially green horses, which she currently does. Holly has taken on the title of horse consultant for this website. If a visitor has a horse related question, then Holly will do her best to answer it.

          So, why another horse website? After floating the idea by Steve, Holly stated that she was often frustrated by noticing that there wasn't a lot of Missouri based "statewide" horse classified sites online. Many were complex and at times, even costly. She would constantly be in the market for ads within a 500 mile radius of her, but had to bounce from site to site to search. So, after some thought and research, Steve noticed that an easy to remember domain name was about to come available in December 2006: Without hesitation, this website blossomed (almost overnight) with the hope that it will benefit all Missouri horse lovers through simple navigation and low cost classifieds. However, in July 2008, Steve felt the breeder and website sections were the strong points of the site and decided to move to get rid of the pay classified services.